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Little, but of great importance

Nowadays, people think too often that less is more. For jewelry...I don't agree. I believe that statement jewellery can make a difference. By experimenting with richness of colors, textures and shapes, I carry out a philosophy of new maximalism.

My designs underline the ultimate feminine identity. They are natural, elegant and warm. 

I want you to remenber the essence of it all: 

a piece of jewelry might be little, but its story can be of great importance.

                                                               Laurence Delvallez

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At a time when 'less is more' seems to be the adage, Belgian jewelry designer Laurence Delvallez is resolutely taking a different path. Minimalism, in her case, gives way to a contemporary maximalism, in favor of a richness of color, texture and form. Delvallez wants to present a woman's image that is warm and frivolous, and to offer the customer ample choice. 

Her Seasonal collections therefore consist of two diverse color collections, which simultaneously complement each other.  

Meanwhile over sixty points of sale in Belgium and the Netherlands and fans like Queen Paola and the Dutch Princess Laurentien, Laurence Delvallez (44) has long since transcended that level. Since 2012, she has been designing jewelry in which she allows herself complete creative freedom, and yet which is in stark contrast to the Jewellery Design course she completed at the Art Academy in Antwerp. "During my training, the jewel was put down as something bigger, a kind of art object that is in relation to the body. I appreciate precisely the smallness of it. For me, a jewel should be easy to wear, have personal meaning and give pleasure to yourself or another. Something small that can still have great meaning," says Delvallez.


In her studio in Waregem, where she leads a team of four, the designer likes to start from her gut feeling and mood boards. Although she does not want to pin herself down to one particular style ("Picasso reinvented himself a thousand times") and likes to come up with an innovative collection every season, Delvallez admits that femininity, playfulness and a great attention to textures always play a major role.


In addition to wearing pleasure, the designer emphasizes the importance of comfort. She consciously does not use precious metals, and prefers to use semi-precious stones and silver with a layer of gold or silver. Her jewelry is always a maximum of around 200 euros each. "The wearer should not be afraid to lose the jewel; if it is lost, it is no drama. I don't want to be 'a worry' about it; a woman's life is already so filled with such thoughts," Delvallez explains. With this in mind, all jewelry is easy to put on and take off. Extra attention was also paid to the earrings: they are large, but never heavy. As for the earrings, they occupy a special place in Delvallez' collections, by the way. She admits it herself: as much as 80% of what she makes are earrings . "The earring is the piece of jewelry that is closest to the face. After all, a woman plays with her identity the most through makeup or hairstyle choices, something I did learn from my mother. You can put 100 hands side by side, and it could be anybody. But from a face speaks the most personality, character."

About Laurence Delvallez

From her studio in Waregem, Antwerp-based Laurence Delvallez has been designing jewelry for the contemporary, busy woman since 2012. Her jewelry is feminine, playful and warm, due to the great attention paid to texture and color. Wearability and comfort go hand in hand; thus, the pieces, which always cost no more than 200 euros, are accessible to a wide audience. Meanwhile, Delvallez' collections are sold in over 60 outlets in Belgium and several foreign outlets, as well as in her own webshop.

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