Holiday shop

The Christmas gift shop is curated by Laurence Delvallez. A selection of her favourite items to gift during the Holiday season. Whether we are looking to treat ourselves, our friends or our families.

We'll make sure your gift looks fabulous under the Christmas tree, just leave the comment GIFT behind before checkout. 

Gifts around 150 euro

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Little, but of great importance

Nowadays, people think too often that less is more. For jewelry...I don't agree. I believe that statement jewellery can make a difference

Gifts around 100 euro

The essentials

"In these unpredictable times, we'll find new ways of staying close. This Holiday season might look a bit different, but let's celebrate together in a safe way. There's so much to be grateful for."

Gifts around 50 euro

浮世 floating, fleeting, or transient world

Disinfecting our hands has become an essential action. Hand care is a ritual where you choose to take care of yourself and someone else. With the carefully selected ingredients and scents of the Ukiyo products, you will experience a moment of wellness that affects your mood in addition to essential hand care. Stay safe in a caring way.