From inspiring influencer to aspiring photographer

Our superwoman of the month: Charlotte De Lange

It’s hard to find your way in life or to find something you’re passionate about. It took some time for Charlotte De Lange, but now she’s more ambitious than ever to become a successful photographer. Her change of direction isn’t the easiest road. But the joy she receives from making pictures, is the most valuable feeling.

Why did you take the step from being an influencer to becoming a photographer?

Charlotte: “When I made my pictures for my blog, I knew exactly what I wanted. The image was already in my head and all the details were clear to me. From the location to the composition. I only needed someone who took the picture of me. Even the camera’s settings were completely ready, the person just needed to push the button.

At a certain moment, I wasn’t that happy anymore with the pictures of myself. I wanted to experiment with my camera and to test my skills as a photographer. Now I really found my routine and myself in photography. It’s almost an addiction. I’m in control of the final image and that feeling is so satisfying.”

Do you feel that it’s easier to break through as photographer, because you’re a famous influencer?

Charlotte: “I have the feeling that people will be expecting a lot. I can’t deny that it is easier for me because of all my contacts. Agencies are more eager to work with me, because we know each other already a long time. My portfolio isn’t on point yet. But people can see the style and vibe of my pictures on my blog. An important lesson I’ve learned is that contacts are super essential in making a career.”

Charlotte: "I want to keep inspiring my followers with my outfits. It's part of who I am."

Do you want to become a fulltime photographer or rather keep it is a hobby?

Charlotte: “My dream is becoming a fulltime photographer. I just enjoy organising shoots and making sure that every shoot is close to perfection. I’m not scared of all the responsibility, I see it as a challenge. For the moment, it’s more a passion I do in my free time. I have a fulltime job and I love my job too. We’ll see what the future brings and how my photography work will develop over time. I’m already super excited.”

You inspire a lot of people as influencer, because you’re a curvy influencer. You proof that with a curvy body, you can make beautiful outfits too. Are you afraid that your followers will be disappointed that you’ll be posting more of your photography work instead of your outfits?

Charlotte: “Every week I had the time to make content for my Instagram and to create beautiful outfits. Now I must divide my time with work and photography. But that doesn’t mean my followers will see less of my outfit creations. I’m the one who does the styling for my shoots. They’ll see the creations on my models instead of me. My personal profile will become more of a mix between pictures of me and pictures of my photoshoots. I want to keep inspiring my followers. It’s part of who I am.”

By Jolien Bas

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