The Australia Story

In every travel destination you try to find inspiration. Australia's landscapes and nature is a perfect fit with our Serenity collection SS20. See the match between nature's beauty and the elegance of our pastel Serenity collection. Discover the beautiful spots we visited and let them inspire you. Maybe it will take some time when we can travel again, but don't let that stop you of dreaming about it.

Pictures by Annelie Vandendael, model Jolien Bas

Byron Bay

Byron Bay is a real surfer's paradise. Every morning you see everyone hurrying to the beach, to be first ones to catch the perfect waves. Everywhere you see signs with 'Peace and love' and 'Chill and relax'. That's the vibe you get in Byron Bay. Nobody is stressed and you just have to enjoy yourself.

Byron Bay is a cosy little town with the most beautiful concept stores, surf stores and local shops. Even in the grocery shops, everything is organic, local and bio. It's a healthy lifestyle. In every coffee place, you can enjoy the best banana bread and the most yummy smoothies and juices.

If you're interested in nature, don't worry, Byron Bay has beautiful beaches and a stunning look out point near the Lighthouse. There, you have a total view of the bay en beyond. You can walk from the main beach in Byron Bay to the Lighthouse and further in nature, if you like a heavy walk workout.

Oh I almost forgot. The Hemsworth brothers live in Byron Bay, and they like to go to the beach... Maybe you'll spot them during your stay.

Noosa Heads

Noosa is the LA of the East coast in Australia. Beautiful nature, luxurious homes and fancy restaurants and shops on the boulevard. With only 1,5hour drive from Brisbane, a lot af the city people have a vacation home in beautiful Noosa. The beaches are mesmerizing and you have the National Park, where you can enjoy a beautiful walk through nature.

In the National Park you should go for the Beach walk. You follow the coastline and you have the most popular stops that you must see! My favorite: The Fairy Pools. Water pools in the rocks where you can take a swim and enjoy the sea next to you. Walk till you reach Hell's Gates. There you have a stunning panoramic view. Keep your eyes on the ocean, because the chances are that you can spot some dolphins.

In Noosa you have beautiful boutiques with local brands, but also European brands. Everything is more luxurious and high-end. Even the restaurants. That's the big difference with Byron Bay. In Noosa, everyone dresses up nicely and shows off their luxury.

Agnes Water

The little town of Agnes Water is a 4 hour drive from Noosa. It's a very small town with some cute restaurants and a few shops. The more you go North, the prettier the beaches are, but the more dangerous animals you have in the sea. The box jellyfish is the most venomous jellyfish, so always read the signs before you go in the sea.

In Agnes Water you find beaches that are almost untouched. You also have a National Park where you can do a beautiful walk with obstacle course. For fancy restaurants and shops, you're at the wrong place. Here you can enjoy beautiful nature and local businesses.

If you want to get up close with a kangaroo, here you have the chance! Up hill in Agnes Water you'll find 'Horizons Kangaroo Sanctuary and Camp Ground'. Enjoy a camping night between the kangaroos or every day at 3pm you can cuddle the kangaroos and feed them sweet potato. A very special experience you should do.

Cape Hillsborough

Further up North, you have Cape Hillsborough. It's an island, where there's almost no civilization. It's just you and nature. The beautiful National Park and beach are full with animals and kangaroos. If you want to hear the silence of nature, that's the place to go.

Every morning around 6am, you'll find the kangaroos enjoying the sunrise on the beach. It's a magical scene, that you must see. Be there on time! Otherwise you'll miss the spectacle.

On the beach you have big volcanic rocks. Their shapes are unique and the color scheme is perfect.

A must see for real nature lovers.

Made by Jolien Bas

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