The Memories Collection

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

2020 was a challenging year where innovative decision were made in the fashion industry. Here at Laurence Delvallez, we've made some important choices. The SS20 collection became the 2020 collection and we've made our beautiful capsule collection MEMORIES. A collection close to Laurence her heart.


The Memories collection was inspired by strong women. The combination of tortoise with Swarovski stones is bold but so elegant. These strange covid-times caused separation and fears, but for Laurence it brought people closer together. One of her friends, Top model Laurence Desbisschop returned from New York and Laurence saw this as the ideal opportunity to finally work together.

The two friends made an ode to their mutual friend who passed away several years ago. Laurence designed the jewels and Laurence Desbisschop modelled the unique statement pieces. Finally a dream came true for all of them.

This collection is all about strong women, authenticity and acceptance. By choosing for Laurence Desbisschop as a model, Laurence wants to prove that her jewelry is made for young women and more mature women.

"To give meaning to a jewel is the most precious thing. I'm so grateful that we can pay tribute to our friend in this way." - Laurence Delvallez


Memories shows the familiar statement shapes of Laurence Delvallez jewelry in stylish combinations of tortoise and Swarovski stones. Statement pieces that sparkle! Perfect for the holiday season and long after. The tortoise touch makes it seasonless and perfect for any occasion. Each jewel got a French name that has something to do with friendship. To show how close these three friends are.

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Written by Jolien Bas

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