The power of words

In era of social media, words and images have more power than ever before. One person can reach, inspire and educate individuals all over the world. But with this kind of power comes responsibility, while one misunderstood tweet can destroy someone’s world completely, reading one simple quote can make you smile all day. This incredible power, tied directly to words, is why I chose to study journalism.

Picture by Laure Van Hijfte

Who I am today

Out of all the assignments I have had throughout my Journalism education “write about yourself” has definitely been the most difficult. Thinking and figuring out who you are and who you want to be is definitely confronting, but here I go.

When I was 19 years old, an Antwerp based photographer scouted me while I was on a photo-shoot with photography students. He took me under his wing and gave me a drastic make-over. I went from having long brown hair that could blend in any crowd, to short white hair. With this new look, came a new Jolien. My new image kick-started my modelling career and I’m so grateful for all the jobs I have done and the ones that are to come.

Combining my journalism studies and modelling, hasn’t been easy. In addition to being time consuming, both my performance in journalism and modelling are equally important to me.

Fortunately for me, Laurence Delvallez gave me the opportunity to combine both of my worlds. Through this job I am able to write strong content about women and fashion so I can contribute to Laurence’s view of how each women is powerful and has their own superpower to change the world.

Who I want to become

A few years ago, one of my best friends suggested I watch ‘States of Undress’. This documentary series are about what fashion is to different cultures all over the world. Hailey Gates, a model and journalist who presents this series, gave me a vision of who I want to be as a journalist in the future. Her rousing take on fashion proves that we models do have a brain.

Like her, I want to inspire women with the pieces I write or the photo’s I take. Throughout the world, there are so many stories to be told, ready to be discovered and to be shared with all of us. Telling some of these stories is one of my life’s greatest desires, which I hope to fulfil.

by Jolien Bas

Contributing editor: Eleonore Deboutte

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