The softness of Pastels

Every fashion season new colours make their debute or others make a comeback. The last seasons, pastel colours keep popping up in the collections of different designers. Their softness brings balance to other outspoken colours and can make your outfit complete to the perfection.

How easy can it be to finish your outfit with a pastel touch, by using the right accessories. That's why Laurence Delvallez decided to use a touch of pastel in her latest collection of jewellery. They are ideal for a wedding, baptism, birthday party... A touch of spring is always welcome in an outfit and a pair of statement earrings can do the trick.

Combining colours is a real art. Sometimes we're too careful to make statement combinations. Using pastel mint, soft pink and off-white together, is a perfect match. But remember that you can use pastel colours with bold colours. To inspire you some more, here are some catwalk looks of some high fashion brands. Dare to combine those pastels!

By Jolien Bas

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