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  • Material: 925 Sterling SilverF
  • Finishing: 18k Gold plating
  • Stone: Italian resine with long lasting pearl coating


This pair of earrings belongs to the Pearl collection. Historically pearls represented innocence, purity and femininity, however the latest fashion trends are far more dynamic and irreverent. The changing image of the pearl mirrors how the status of women in society is changing to be bolder and more powerful.


Our main goal of our jewelry is to make you feel more confident, like an extra superpower, so you can own your day every single day.

All our earrings are handmade in a setting of creativity in Belgium. We only use the best materials and our earrings are so light that you can easily wear them all day long.

If you have any further questions about the collection, you can always contact us by using the chat box or by sending us an e-mail to

Kai Earrings White

  • Laurence Delvallez designs and produces hand-finished pret-a-porter jewellery, a collection of handcrafted pieces using premium materials. Every piece of jewelry is handmade in a setting of creativity in Belgium.
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