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The collection of Laurence Delvallez counts this season 2 sub collections with different themes that are connected to New Maximalism, which the Belgian designer is famous for. “It's just stronger than myself to express and absorb different influences. That’s why I rarely design just one new collection every season”, explains Laurence Delvallez.

Different from other jewelry designers, Laurence approaches her designs in an atypical way by getting inspired through material choices, interior design, art and architectural lines. These sources of inspiration come back in this season’s collection. 

Jewelry is not only her passion, but also her mission to give women an extra ‘superpower’. An accessory boosts your self-confidence and gives you the extra strength to move forward in life. That’s why Laurence doesn’t only want to share her jewelry, but also inspiring stories by women about women. Fashion is so much more than only a product!

The jewels are made of silver with 18K gold plating. Everything is handmade in a setting of creativity in Waregem (Belgium).



From her studio in Waregem, Laurence is designing jewelry since 2013 for the contemporary and busy woman. Her jewelry is feminine and warm, because of the extra thoughts going to colors and textures. It doesn’t matter how big the earrings are, they’re extremely light so you can wear them all that long. For Laurence comfort and joy go hand in hand. Nowadays, you can find the collections of Laurence in more than 70 sales points all over Belgium. Recently, we took our first steps towards the rest of Europe. This is a dream come true, because Laurence wants to bring Belgian fashion to the rest of the world!

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