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浮世 floating, fleeting, or transient world

Disinfecting our hands has become an essential action. Hand care is a ritual where you choose to take care of yourself and someone else. With the carefully selected ingredients and scents of the Ukiyo products, you will experience a moment of wellness that affects your mood, in addition to essential hand care. Stay safe in a caring way

Ukiyo bottles
Laurence Delvallez



Laurence Delvallez, jewelery designer, takes a lot of inspiration from interior design, architecture and art. She has always had a passion for beautiful care products and Ukiyo is a reflection of this.


Sanitizing our hands has become a ritual, and why not do it in style? Ukiyo is not only beautiful in your interior, but also contains pure essential oils that give you the right peace of mind.

Enjoy sweet scents such as wild orange, vanilla, chamomile, lavender and many more.




Our alcohol-based hand sanitizers purify the hands by removing bacteria and other germs on the skin. The formula cleans the hands without drying them out. When the scent of alcohol fades, our essential oils provide an uplifting aroma with soothing powers.



Our moisturizing hand cream and hand oil from Ukiyo give you the necessary care after intense disinfection. To combat the aging of your hands, you should moisturize your hands regularly. We use pure essential oils and pure olive oil in our care products. The aroma of the essential oils will make you feel happy and confident.



Hand care for men, both antiseptic and moisturizing products. Hands are one of the most important parts of a man's body, so they definitely need proper care. Our Ukiyo products for men have a modified composition of essential oils, which provide a confident and masculine aroma.

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