Flore Deman x Laurence Delvallez

In a Laurence Delvallez world, we women are the center and everything rotates around us. That's why we're always looking for superwomen who inspire us. Flore Deman is a young illustrator who's work caught our attention. With our collaboration, we want to show you how our Laurence Delvallez world looks like and what kind of image we want to express with our jewelry.

Flore Deman creates poetical interpretations of the world by using bright colors and daily emotions and actions. By combining all those elements, you can feel yourself dreaming away in her vision of a world. Her unique style gives her work even more identity.

By telling our vision and story, Flore created these three illustrations that represent our Fall/Winter collection 2019. The autumn and winter colors match with the colors of the collection. The women show a romantic self-confidence look. That look is our mission, because we want women to feel more confident and unique by wearing our jewels. Call it an extra superpower! Because, we women, are heroes in daily life and we should cherish ourselves every day.

The illustrations aren't made in one day, it's a proces to find the perfect colors and mood to match our vision. Her work proces is divided in different steps. First she has to determine the right colors and than she starts drawing and experimenting.

Here's a sneak peek of her work proces.

- By Jolien Bas

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