Ukiyo Self care created by Laurence Delvallez

Every day we use our precious hands. That's why it's so important you give your hands the best treatment, that they deserve. Hands have to endure a lot: exposure to the sun, stress, dirt, bacteria and other kinds of germs. With a good hand hygiene, you don't only take care of yourself, but also of others.


Jewelry designer Laurence Delvallez launched in September 2020 Ukiyo self care, a beauty line for hands that uses pure essential oils. Ukiyo offers you disinfecting hand products and the essential after care of your hands for women and men. Ukiyo has 3 lines: de disinfecting products for her, the caring products for her and a special selection of products for him.

Story behind UKIYO

As a jewelry designer, Laurence gets a lot of inspiration from interior design, architecture and art. She always had a passion for good looking beauty products and Ukiyo is a reflection of this.

Disinfecting our hands became a daily routine and why not do it in style? Ukiyo isn't only pretty in your interior, but it contains pure essential oils that gives you the right peace of mind. Just enjoy the sweet aromas of wild oranges, vanilla, chamomile, lavender and so much more.


Keep your hands clean and hydrated with our UKIYO hand sanitizers. A spray that contains 80% ethanol in combination with our pure essential oils. The scent of the pure essential oils gives you a calming effect.


Take care of your hands with our hydrating hand cream and hand oil from UKIYO. Even when you have a fresh face and beautiful make-up on, your hands can give away your true age. That's why it's so crucial to give your hands the right care. Our luxurious hand cream and oil, enriched with pure essential oils, leave an amazing aroma that brightens your day and give you a feeling of empowerment.


Hands are so important for men. So for men, it's also crucial to take good care of those hands. Factors like fatigue, airconditioning, heating, a shortage of energy, cold and wind have a negative influence on the condition of the skin on your hands. Our disinfecting products and hand care products are the perfect solution for this problem. With a special combination of essential oils, the hand care products of UKIYO for men leave a more manly scent.


written by Jolien Bas

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